Will Teeth Whitening Procedures work on my caps?
Not really. While the use of peroxide might assist with removing surface stains, it will not make the cap, denture, implant or other man-made substance any whiter than it's original color. If you are thinking about having any type of work done, it is always best to whiten your teeth first so that dentist can match those teeth. This way, you can always whiten your teeth to match your dental work, however, you can't white your dental work to match your teeth.
I have a false molar, what should I do?
Professional teeth whitening is usually performed on the anterior section of the teeth which are basically the teeth that you see when you smile. Take a look at your teeth when you smile, and if you can see any teeth that are not included in the procedure, then you should ask your whitening professional about ways they can ensure that all the teeth you need to be whitened are treated.
If I have a cavity that needs work, should I get my teeth whitened first?
Always seek the advice of a Dental Professional if you have cavities, toothache, bleading gums or other related oral problems. You should not have your teeth whitened unless you have healthy teeth and gums. Please remember to always ask your dentist first.
Can you predict how white my teeth will get?
No, only the big guy upstairs will know exactly how white they are going to get, however, we can predict the level of whiteness you will achieve based on your food intake, types of food and drink, whether you smoke or not, how well you maintain your teeth, your age, etc.
I used the home whitening kit and I get sensitivity in my teeth, what can I do?
Discontinue the treatment. Try again in a couple of days, but do not leave the gel on as long. While rare, some people might be too sensitive to the treatment and will need alternative treatments which your dentist can recommend.



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